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I tried do describe the unique system of ITC for you in our Information section, however, I am pretty sure most of you went straight into Gallery section. And why not, I fully understand that pictures are more interesting than written words. So I assume that you’ve seen all the pictures of our beautiful ladies and found out the basics of our operation, therefore welcome….

My name is Jeline and ITC portal is my creation. It will be very difficult to summarize all my thoughts and ideas into one short post. But I’ll do my best to be brief and right to the point. I am more than convinced that any manager of dating or escort service with no previous and personal experiences in this field cannot be a good manager and can’t offer the clients that extra fine touch and understanding of their needs.

I was living a very passion nice and as a high-class companion for a few years and was able to develop my personality in many different aspects. Mainly I did learn how to appreciate the opportunity to broaden my horizons and to show humility and gratitude towards my clients. And frankly, humility and gratitude are two things missing on most escort websites these days. That’s why I try to select ladies for my portal who are positive, cheerful, intend to travel and discover the world and all its offerings. I am not looking for ladies full of botox and silicone “improvements”, who’s main life achievement is to shop in high-class stores and show off. Ladies of my choice would be students, young secretaries or recent graduates, who will appreciate and treasure the opportunity to travel the world, meet interesting men and to put a new spark or flame into their lives. This is what sexy dating is all about. Or as some call it, escort dating. I have this dream or desire in my head – to change the world of passion, to make it more human or “user friendly”. After all, you gentlemen are expected to pay a sometimes steep price, so why not make it more enjoyable, exciting and unforgettable. The moment I’ve decided to form ITC, I knew it would not be a regular escort agency. Firstly- it is illegal in most European countries and secondly, I know from my own experience that Agency is a mere intermediary or “middleman” that can complicate, rather than facilitate any meetings. I do have firsthand experience with this situation since in the early stages of my being companion I did cooperate with a handful of agencies. Usually, I was only told to pack my suitcase and go. Had no idea what to expect and whom I will meet. Sometimes it was OK but most of the time little advance information would have been of great help.

That is why ITC site gives you the huge advantage of being able to communicate directly with the lady of your choice and you know that the answer will come from her and not from her “boss” or some assistant. Granted sometimes you may have to wait for a little, since she may have a regular job or school commitments but on the other hand, it is all legal and with minimum chances of confusion or misunderstanding. Matchmaking is important and it borders with being almost a science. We all want to have a swell time, however, our preferences and tastes are hugely different. If you want to have a fun time and lasting memories you should be honest and descriptive. Introduce yourself to the girl, tell her something about yourself and your expectations. Don’t be shy, listing your sexual preferences is normal and it can eliminate potential problems and perhaps spoil your meeting. Tell her where are you going together, how do you expect her to dress during the day, for dinner and at night. And all of this is only possible by communicating with the girl directly, without any ITC involvement or interference.

All that said, I hope you will appreciate ITC for you way of doing business and also our unique approach. We aim to be transparent as much as possible. That is why we take all the pictures in our studio and give you THE REAL AGE of our ladies. You can find more about our photo sessions HERE.

Yes, we want to be truthful and trustworthy. After all, there is an awful lot of dating, escort and Sugardaddy's sites, that post false photos and use a description like mid 30’s or late ’20s. We check the lady’s ID and give you the true age-no misconception or misrepresentation whatsoever. We are offering you true info ( be that age or pictures) and sincerely hope that you will appreciate it. Some of our clients posted positive reviews on TER and C69, so I guess we have to be doing something right :-).

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