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The idea of creating a web portal where Gentlemen of standing could meet young smart attractive girls who want to bring into their student life adventure and travel has been in my head for several years.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to travel all over the world and meet men from different continents and cultures. Those were the best times of my university days.

This got my brain which was trained in Economics at University ticking. If I could connect people and put some passion into their lives, Could there be a viable business model in bringing my life experiences and passions into play, creating a platform for people to connect and have fun. To go on a date with no pressure or expectation, dinner, a drive, a sports weekend or a holiday together.

This is not a common agency service, here the men select the girl of their choice from the gallery and the girls will decide if they would like to accept the invitation to connect or not. Its entirely up to the 2 adults and there is no one in the middle. Personally I believe this is the best way to have an enjoyable time and make choices you are totally comfortable with.

We at ITC are an independent platform, our first meeting with a possible candidate is non binding. We will explain clearly to the girl how we work and leave the decision to her if she does want to be a part of this platform or not. Of course, we screen all our candidates before photo shoot which will be done in our studio to assure you that what you see is what you get in physical appearance.

In addition to photographs, when drafting contracts for the marketing portal, we double verify the identity of the girl, especially the age, nationality (so that the information given in the profile is 100% true and absolutely accurate). Once the profile is on line, all communication is between the two consenting adults.

I believe that this perhaps unconventional matchmaking system is one unique way to meet the true gentleman or lady who knows your deepest desire and is eager to treat you with love and respect.

Carpe Diem

ITC for you is a high class accompaniment portal based in Prague for exclusive and personalized high class escort services in Europe and worldwide.

Our international VIP companions will be delighted to accompany you on all sorts of occasions, wether it’s just for taking a break, for a business dinner, for spending a weekend together…

Why are we different?

My biggest apprehension was not fear that we can’t choose the right girls. On the contrary, I know from my own experience that central Europe and namely Czech Republic and Slovakia are full of stunningly beautiful girls who are full of passion and want to travel and discover the world.

The dilemma was how to show you that our approach is different, fairly new and hopefully better than the “old” ways of dealing with independent girls or agencies. I am fully aware of the fact that there are currently many options for gentlemen who are seeking dates and companionship. Hence we decided to create different approach. We are very strict and selective when it comes to choosing the girls who will be in our portfolio. Our Prague office was created as “boudoir atelier” and all photoshoots are done at this location to ensure uniformity as far as the photos are concerned.

We personally meet and interview each of casting candidates and the chosen ones are explained how we operate and how beneficial it could be for them to join our organization. In case of mutual agreement and their decision to join us, we do a simple photoshoot with minimal styling and glitter. We try to minimize if not completely eliminate retouching, photo filters and any kind of correction. This is the only way how to guarantee to the potential client that the girl he chooses from our pictures will be the girl who arrives at the meeting. Some of the agencies are practicing so-called “bait and switch”. Let me assure you, we do NOT and never will. During the interview, we verify the candidate’s age and nationality and also test her language proficiency. And these are the details we post at the girl's webpage. So no unpleasant surprises for the client.

On the other side, we intend to do our utmost to protect the privacy and personal life of our advertisers. They are all students or have regular jobs and have families. If they decide to send you personal pictures later, that’s pretty well their decision. On our website, their faces are covered and we put our logo on all the pictures as well. We will do as much as possible to prevent “picture theft” misuse and abuse. Unfortunately, the internet is full of stolen pictures and some agency uses them in fake profiles.


Q: Why should I arrange a meeting through the ITC portal? What are the advantages of this approach for me?

A: We guarantee real and genuine photos .We verify the candidate’s nationality and age as stated in the profile. You can be 100% sure that the information and photos on our portal are not fake or false.

Q: Why is your portal’s service better than the service of an escort agency?

A: There can be no comparison between us and an escort agency. We are a Web service provider. Having said that, we take great pride in our personal touch. Please do remember that we personally met every one of our advertisers and only those worthy of a gentleman’s attention get to join our team and advertise on our portal. Our unique system allows you to communicate directly with the girls of your choice. Our website does everything in our power to ensure authenticity of all data ( age , nationality ) and we also verify all photos you get to see. The chosen girl also gets an opportunity to get to know you a little, and to get an idea about your expectations and wishes.

Q: Whom do I communicate with?

A: You always communicate with the girl or girls you chose in the gallery section to whom you send the message to. Your message always arrives in the girl’s email box. There is no third party involved here.

Q: Why are the models faces blurred in their photographs?

A: As much as the models who advertise in our portal love being your companions they also have a personal life such as school, work, family, etc. Therefore, the advertisers like to maintain discretion and value their privacy.
Another reason is protection of the advertisers so that these photographs are not misused on the Internet.

Q: Are the pictures of the girls genuine, real, and recent?

A: Yes on our portal, we only use real pictures, all photos are taken in our photo studio, after signing the contract with the applicant.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: The appointment can be made through the portal only and it is entirely between you and the girl of your choice. Please select girl of your choice in a gallery and send her request. The form can be found at the lower right corner, along with the profiles of the other girls.

Q: What information do I need to write on the contact form?

A: A small introduction, including details such as your age, your profession and city of residence is always welcome. It is always best to be honest, describe what you are looking for... That is really the easiest way to find “The One” ! If you already have a specific idea of the date and place for the meeting, it is always a good idea to write it, along with the duration of the requested meeting.

Q: What does it mean when you say “Check Send this message to all girls?”

A: If you want to reach all the girls who are advertising on our site, to learn more about them and to find out which ones are interested in meeting with you simply “Check“ the box and send the request to everyone. The ones interested will then let you know for you to take it forward.

Q: What do + ADD and Favorites buttons on the page mean? How does one use them?

A: Being an advertising portal, the number of girls in the gallery may change or vary and also the order of their listing may get shuffled, So if you have your personal favourite in your gallery selection, you can add a girl to the favorites section by pressing + ADD, where you can then review your selection again and decide to which girl you would like to write to.

Q: I’m a very private person. How is my data and messages sent to me protected?

A: This is a very discreet way of communicating. We are just an advertising portal, all messages are sent directly to the mailbox of the specific girl of your choice.

Q: Can a lady accompany me outside Czech Republic

A: Absolutely, all the girls listed on the portal are likely to love to travel and explore exotic and vibrant destinations. A specific travel or trip can be made after you reach an agreement with the girl. What happens between 2 consenting adults is entirely your business and the portal has no part to play in any agreement you may reach.

Q: What is a recommended gift for a girl I plan to meet?

A: The simplest thing is to ask her when you write to her. While gifts are not expected, they are always appreciated.
So it’s just between you and the young lady. Each girl has got different preferences and wishes, but of course girls, especially the prettiest one, love to be treated like a princess, love to be spoiled. So simply ask her and I am sure your efforts will be rewarded.

Q: I don't see a contact number in your website; can we talk before arranging a rendezvous with a girl?

A: We are an advertising portal we provide the service of allowing the girls to advertise on our portal and we verify the truthfulness of the information that girls have in the profile on the site.
But your communication is always between you and the girl, the first communication is always via email. If you want to call a girl before the meeting, ask her for her phone number and call her directly if she is willing.
Keep that in the mind that phone conversations do take an important and entertaining part of the date and getting to know each other.

Q: In the event of my having an incredible time with the companion, and I really enjoy this dating system. May I write a review?

A: Yes. But, we only accept classy and preferably positive reviews. It’s important that any private details remain between the two of you and the review expresses the overall fun you had and how much you enjoy the model’s company. If you plan to read reviews before you meet, remember that each connection is unique and chemistry varies between any 2 people, so it may be best to create your own unique experience and then judge for yourself.

Q: What do I do when a girl whom I have met and liked is not on the portal anymore?

A: This is something that is typical on the advertising platform, the girls come chasing a dream. Be it travel, love, romance or whatever and they leave this adventure behind them when they think they have found what they were looking for. Our advertisers are very important to us. We always put the girls on a priority and try to keep them as happy as possible. We also invest in our effort to increase our viewership to get the girls the exposure and attention they are looking for. When a girl leaves it could be for any number of reasons In our experience some of the most common reasons are because she found what she wants, so she does not want /need to receive new offers for dating, She wants to take a break or she is unable to balance it with her private life or that she has found the right one and it’s time for a change in her relationship status etc.

Q: Do you accept all applications to advertise on your portal or do you have a selection and approval process?

A: No, We do not accept all applications and we do have a strict selection process.
For instance we try and eliminate girls who use addictive substances, have psychological problems or do not seem to be well groomed and presentable.
We try and find out as much as we can about the girls interests, hobbies, profession, education, and her motive for using our portal to advertise.
We do give priority to girls who are models, studying or just starting a job. These are the girls who truly want to travel and enjoy the exciting and passion life. Girls who are warm, charming, friendly, humorous, positive, entertaining and adventurous. Also uncomplicated and well balanced are always given a priority to advertise with us.
We lay great emphasis on the look of the applicant, the way they are groomed, we prefer the stylish, the trendy, the liberal and the conservative ones but avoid choosing vulgar or ostentatious girls. The girls we select to advertise on our sites are the fit, the healthy and the ones who love adventure and the good life!

Q: How does your selection process work?

A: We always meet each lady personally, we explain to her how the advertising system works and our rules. Then it’s up to the girl to decide on whether she wishes to advertise on our portal or not.

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