Why Real Photos are so important

The vast majority of escort agencies in Prague and in the rest of the world as well love to tell you, that they have the most beautiful and hottest girls and real and current pictures of them. Well, I find that statement somewhat entertaining and let me tell you why. Most of them are operating online only, never saw the girls in person and since they are using pictures provided by the girls themselves, have no idea if the pictures are representative of reality and how old are they.

Consequently statements like …International High Class Companions, Beautiful sophisticated escort models, Elite Escort with 100% real photos, The ultimate courtesan experience, Independent and natural elite companions, Friendly discrete and personal service… maybe catchy but in reality do not reflect the truth and reality.

They may have the hottest companions or they may not. Hard for them to make that claim without personally meeting the girl and knowing more about her. And you as a client will, unfortunately, find out when the girl of your choice arrives to meet you. And that may be too late. This is the hard reality of the escort business not only in the Czech Republic but everywhere in the world. Almost everybody is using heavily Photoshopped pictures and sometimes even pictures of somebody else. This practice is known as “switch and bait” is deplorable but used a lot. Men who are trying to arrange meeting full of passion and hot sex with a companion are faced with monumental task trying to pick from pictures that do not have “real person” behind them or are heavily modified.

All of this led me to my decision to disregard existing ways of presenting girls and to introduce our unique approach. Our girls are not allowed to use their own pictures on ITC for you website. As a prerequisite to be accepted on our portal, they must agree to have their pictures taken in our studio, which allows us to offer you only real and up to date pictures. While I am no professional photographer, more like an enthusiastic hobbyist I’ve decided to do it myself and to decline the services of well-known photographers. I am aiming to capture the reality of lady's figures, facial expressions and hopefully little of their personality as well. Don’t expect any “cover girl” type pictures that went through Photoshop, you are getting full dose of reality.

Our pictures “glow and sparkle” thanks to uniform background and surroundings and thanks to the fact that with the season’s changes, the natural light varies as well. The real value is in the fact that they reflect reality and capture the girl’s personality to some degree. I hope all of you will appreciate my view and will join a group of happy clients who wrote positive reviews on TER. And thanks to the fact that you are or will be communicating with your chosen lady directly, you can always ask her for more personal pix or selfies and maybe arrange for WhatsApp video call before making your final decision if she is the right one. The girls all wear dresses in the profile pictures. If you want to know why, read my previous post. It goes without saying that besides sexy dresses which complement their curves and well shaped bodies they all have plenty of revealing and hot undies, garter belts with sexy stockings and bodysuits. And yes we have these pictures as well and will be glad to share them only with subscribers of our Newsletter, in order to protect the girl's privacy I am doing my utmost to make every photo session interesting not only for the girls but also for all the subscribers of our regular Newsletter. Because that what is it all about-enjoying life and grabbing the opportunity of meetings full of “sin” and inhibited fun. I do not ever intend to download pix from Shutterstock or similar databases. That’s not what ITC is all about. We are about real and authentic pictures, about experiences full of passion and about enjoying life to it’s fullest. We love to produce hot and sexy pix for special occasions. Be that Christmas, St.Patrick day, Valentine or Easter or perhaps International lingerie day( I bet most of you did not know it existed ) It is celebrated 24 th of April. And if you’d like to enjoy short videos or snapshots from our photo sessions, follow us on Twitter.



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