Who are the girls on the ITC for you website?

While we don’t function like classic Escort Agency website - the girls themselves are responsible for communication with potential clients-it doesn’t mean that anybody can advertise their services on our site.

Myself or my assistant personally meets with all the girls and it involves a lot more than 15 minutes meeting in a coffee shop. On the contrary, our system is not for everybody and we are very selective in choosing potential members of our team. We conduct in-depth interviews and try our best to find out as much as possible about every girl. Ask about her motivations, her dreams, her expectations and any previous experiences in this field. We want to know why she would want to use our services and became a member of our team.

This results in about 50% of the girls being suitable for our web. The another half simply is of no interest to us due to them having unrealistic and unreasonable expectations and perhaps they just don’t know-how to present themselves. We make arrangements for photoshoot with the chosen ones and in due time you’ll see them on our web. All the girls and ladies that are advertising on our site must fulfill strict criteria established by myself. I prefer girls who are new to the business and aren’t being advertised with another agency. I insist that they are either students or have full-time jobs and live a more or less normal life without being fully dependent on the income generated at our site. This is the most important point in my opinion. I do not intend to accept any girls who are so-called professionals, who work in night clubs or are involved with another escort agency.

I expect that their decision to join ITC is their own, without outside influence. They have to have the desire to travel the world, to buy their own apartment one day, to fill their closets with beautiful and sexy things to wear, to pay for tuition at private schools or to buy the car of their dreams. So to a degree, I expect them to be “gold-diggers” – no pun intended here. Or I expect them to do it because they simply love sex and the forbidden fruit of being paid companion has to appeal to them and will break the monotony of regular job and life.

As you can tell from pictures in our gallery, we do not choose only ladies with perfect model type body shapes and proportions. I try to focus more on their personality, desire to travel, knowledge of one or more languages and overall appearance. All that will or should come out from a lengthy meeting I hold with every lady who applies. I try to pick girls who take care of themselves, enjoy dressing up for dinner or wild night in bed, know about cosmetics and love to wear high heels. So consequently it may not give you somebody with a 90-60-90 body but it will give you a total package worth booking.

It is my strong opinion that taste is very personal and individual. Everybody likes different body shapes and gets turned on by different things. That is why we do not try to create a picture-perfect portfolio of “long-legged Barbies”. Our pictures are real, realistic and with minimum or no Photoshop. Not only we meet with the girls prior to “shooting” but also during the shooting, I try to figure what is she all about and what makes her tick. And I try to summarize my feelings about every one of them in their profile as “Few words from Jeline” I sincerely hope that our somewhat unusual, nevertheless personal approach to choose ladies will appeal to you and you will appreciate it. It is my wish and goal to put together people with the same interests, desires and preferences. People who are willing and able to communicate with each other and perhaps create unforgettably meetings and long-lasting friendships and relationships.

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